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  • When Creation went dance

    When Creation went dance

    Whilst Creation is renowned for its guitar music, from the late 80s to the early 90s the label embraced the explosion of dance music. This was captured in the Keeping The Faith compilation and to coincide with the release a weekly music show on the BBC in the UK called Snub TV broadcast a feature.…

  • It was 20 years ago today!

    It was 20 years ago today!

    26th November 2000 was the date I first launched this website, twenty years ago!   The month before two books and a compilation album on the subject of Creation Records were released but there was still very little information about the music online. I had no plans other than to fill that gap. The legacy…

  • Denise Johnson shares new track

    Denise Johnson shares new track

    Denise Johnson has shared on a new track called ‘2001’ on her SoundCloud page, her first solo track in many years.

  • Playlist – Creation Singles 76 to 100

    Starting during the long hot summer of 1990 and ending in the spring of 1991, this chapter in Creation sees a massive drift in direction with dance explosion of the late 80’s now having a huge effect on the label. In the UK this was also a time of massive change with the Poll Tax…

  • Creation Playlist #1 – The Second Summer of Love

    This summer was the 20th anniversary of the second summer of love when dance music seemed to cross over and everyone was claiming to have “always had a dance element to their music”. Creation embraced the change and the results included some great records.