The nine lives of Edward Ball

Ed Ball
Throughout Creation’s 17 years one thing remained true, Ed Ball was their very own King of Pop.

Over the years his music evolved with each record and rather than just trade under past glories he would regularly appear under various guises to suit the music.

Below we travel from his punk roots through to experimenting with dance, electronic and even playing on Top of The Pops with The Boo Radleys.

O Level – ‘We Love Malcolm’ released 1978

The Television Personalities – ‘A Picture Of Dorian Gray’ released 1982

The Times – ‘Manchester’ released in 1989

The Love Corporation – ‘Gimme Some Love’ released in 1990

Sand – ‘Felation’ from 1991

Teenage Filmstars – ‘Kiss Me’ released in 1992

The Boo Radleys – ‘It’s Lulu’ released in 1995

Edward Ball – ‘The Mill Hill Self Hate Club’ released in 1997

The Television Personalities – ‘All The Young Children On Crack’ released 2006

Finally, Ed once made a guest appearance as a young enthusiastic record label man on James Whale!

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