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  • When Creation went dance

    When Creation went dance

    Whilst Creation is renowned for its guitar music, from the late 80s to the early 90s the label embraced the explosion of dance music. This was captured in the Keeping The Faith compilation and to coincide with the release a weekly music show on the BBC in the UK called Snub TV broadcast a feature.…

  • The nine lives of Edward Ball

    The nine lives of Edward Ball

    Throughout Creation’s 17 years one thing remained true, Ed Ball was their very own King of Pop.

  • From the archive: Ten Crazy Creation Facts

    From the archive: Ten Crazy Creation Facts

    Creation had a great relationship with the NME, which for many years was a weekly bible to the world of music, in those days they could make or break bands whenever they chose. In February 1994 NME ran a two-part special celebrating 10 years of Creation Records.

  • New Television Personalities tribute album to be released

    Jim Jasmine (Jim Shepherd of the Jasmine Minks), Boyracer and The Painted Word are featured on volume 3 of the Television Personalities tribute albums released by Canada’s Beautiful Music label. Previous versions included Phil Wilson, BMX Bandits, Biff Bang Pow! Nikki Sudden and The Legend! The tracklisting for Volume 3 is shown in the image…

  • Ed Ball & The Boo Radleys reunite at Abbey Road

    Corin Ashley has just released his new single ‘Badfinger Bridge’ which features Ed Ball alongside Martin Carr and Rob Cieka from the Boo Radleys. The track was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios. Here’s what Corin had to say about the recording: “When I recorded this, I was thinking how much all the Creation…

  • Television Personalities added to MBV ATP

    A posting on the ATP website today states: The final additions to this year’s Nightmare Before Christmas line-up as chosen by my bloody valentine are: TELEVISION PERSONALITIES GEMMA HAYES THE TYDE We will be announcing the full stage times very soon.

  • News – The Times & Teenage Filmstars albums reissued

    Cherry Red are to re-issue six albums by The Times and Teenage Filmstars. Both are to be released as 3 albums in 2cd sets. Out on 24th August the sets feature the following albums: The Times – E For Edward / Pure / Et Dieu Crea La Femm Teenage Filmstars – Rocket Charm / Buy…

  • Creation Playlist #1 – The Second Summer of Love

    This summer was the 20th anniversary of the second summer of love when dance music seemed to cross over and everyone was claiming to have “always had a dance element to their music”. Creation embraced the change and the results included some great records.

  • YouTube Classics #7 – Ed Ball on Transmission

    Interview from late night TV in early 1990.

  • Television Personalities to play Benicassim Festival

    Television Personalities have been confirmed for the Benicassim Festival, which happens near Valencia in Spain. They will be appearing on Saturday 18th July, stage time around 10.30 by all accounts. The band also recently released a new single called ‘People Think That We Are Strange’ b/w ‘A Glimpse Of My Genius’ on Elefant Records. For…