Creation Playlist #4 – Underground Magazine April 1988

Back in the late 80’s there was briefly a magazine called ‘Underground’ in the UK and never a month went by when Creation weren’t featured. Below is an interview with Alan McGee from early 1988, the text of which i’ve featured on the site before but this time I decided to make a playlist up of tracks featured in the interview.

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1. Ballad of The Band – Felt
2. Cold Heart – Jasmine Minks
3. Murderers, The Hope of Women – Momus
4. Almost Prayed – The Weather Prophets
5. There Must Be A Better Life – Biff Bang Pow!
6. Mad Dogs – Emily
7. All Fall Down – Primal Scream
8. Upside Down – Jesus & Mary Chain
9. Shine On – House of Love
10. Chernobyl Baby – Baby Amphetamine