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  • Pat Fish of The Jazz Butcher ‘has been unwell’

    Pat Fish of The Jazz Butcher ‘has been unwell’

    Pat Fish of The Jazz Butcher is currently recovering from an unspecified illness earlier this year, his recovery has meant that he is unable to work at present. To help his recovery Will Carruthers formerly of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise funds to cover expenses for…

  • Listen to the ‘Doing It For The Kids’ All-Dayer

    Listen to the ‘Doing It For The Kids’ All-Dayer

    After previously posting the Valentine’s set from this gig, I was incredibly excited to find out that many of the other bands sets from the ‘Doing It For The Kids’ All-Dayer in 1988 were recorded and even more excited that I’m able to share this with you now.

  • Doing it For The Kids – A Creation Records Alldayer

    Doing it For The Kids – A Creation Records Alldayer

    Sunday August 7th 1988 was the hottest day of the year and a selection of Creation’s finest acts all took to the stage to celebrate the label. Things had come a long way from The Living Room just a few years before.

  • Max Eider releases new album

    Long-term member of the Jazz Butcher, Max Eider recently released his latest album ‘Dissaffection’ via Tundraducks records. Those of you who have followed the Jazz Butcher closely will know Max was orginally in the band from 1982 until 1986 and he later rejoined in 1995. You can buy the album directly from Max’s website at…

  • Playlist – Creation Singles 76 to 100

    Starting during the long hot summer of 1990 and ending in the spring of 1991, this chapter in Creation sees a massive drift in direction with dance explosion of the late 80’s now having a huge effect on the label. In the UK this was also a time of massive change with the Poll Tax…

  • Playlist – Creation Singles 51 to 75

    Second mix featuring the singles in order of catalogue number, this chapter takes us from 1987 to 1990. This is where we first see the label dip its toes into the mainstream, firstly the House of Love and My Bloody Valentine grace the cover of the music papers in 1988 and then in 1990 Ride…

  • The Jazz Butcher announce London date

    Solo electric show, on stage about half past nine. Advance tickets at £6:00 You can order tickets by clicking here.

  • Creation Records YouTube Channel

    I have finally got round to putting together a large proportion of the Creation related videos on YouTube into one place. These can be viewed by visiting http://www.youtube.com/creationvideo. I’ll keep adding more, however many videos are missing as those strange people at Sony don’t seem to like people actually watching/enjoying any of the stuff they…

  • Creation Playlist #4 – Underground Magazine April 1988

    Back in the late 80’s there was briefly a magazine called ‘Underground’ in the UK and never a month went by when Creation weren’t featured. Below is an interview with Alan McGee from early 1988, the text of which i’ve featured on the site before but this time I decided to make a playlist up…

  • A Creation Spotify Playlist #1

    Below is a short playlist of Creation Records tracks on Spotify.