Creation Playlist #3 – Phil Wilson selects the artists that influenced Creation

Phil Wilson of The June Brides

Phil Wilson, ex-lead singer of the June Brides and solo Creation artist has today selected 10 tracks that he feels highlight the influences that shaped the sound of both C86 and Creation Records.

Here’s what he had to say “This is merely my view of what are the best bands that seem to me to be prime influences on early Creation and the C86 movement. Here goes!”

1. The Velvet Underground. Talk about stating the bleedin’ obvious, but the Velvets are a huge influence. The Mary Chain, Loft, Primal Scream, MBV – they owe almost as much to the look of the Velvets as they do to their sound.

2. Jonathon Richman. A prime influence on most of us. Not only great songs, but the anti-macho, child-like (NOT childish…it’s an important difference!) ethos surrounding Jonathon is there in bands like the Pastels and the TVPs….talking of which:

3. The Television Personalities. Alan McGee has spoken many times on what an influence Dan Treacy’s band has been on him: not just on the music, but on his clubs and record labels ethos and style. The TVPS are fantastic. If there was any justice in the world, they could have been bigger than…

4. The Beatles. Love them or loathe them, there is no denying that the influence of the Beatles is all over C86 and, especially, Creation Records. To mention Oasis would be blindingly obvious (I just did anyway), but the sonic experimentation of the Beatles is echoed all over the work of the Boo Radleys and Super Furry Animals in particular.

5. Buddy Holly. Less obvious, but definitely there! Buddy is an influence on anybody in a pop band who has decided to write their own songs. He was pretty much the first pop artist to do so. But Buddy’s legacy looms even larger over all the slightly nerdy blokes who figured they could be in a band without doing all the ridiculous macho things that most rock bands are partial to…So that’s The Pastels, The Legend, The June Brides and many, many more!

6. Television/Richard Hell. Felt, The Loft and The House of Love were obviously well into these. It’s not just the guitar sound, but the whole literary/artistic vibe that hung heavy around them.

7. Big Star. A huge, huge influence on Teenage Fanclub obviously. But also an influence on anyone who loves the clash between loud guitars and sweet, sweet pop tunes.

8. The Buzzcocks. Again, something about big guitars, pop tunes and the biggest wimp in the class coming together!

9. (Early!) Pink Floyd. Of course we’re only talking the first 3 singles and album, but Syd Barrett’s offbeat tunes and style, together with his very particular Englishness, were a huge influence – on C86 undoubtedly, but who could deny the influence on Creation when listening to the Mary Chain doing “Vegetable Man”?!

10. Orange Juice/Josef K/Postcard Records. The early 80s were a bleak time for anyone in love with guitar pop, but Postcard Records were a ray of light. I’ve yet to meet anyone involved in Creation/C86 who doesn’t love them…

Here’s a selection of tracks you can listen to below that highlight those influences:

1. Velvet Underground: “Only Shallow” – My Bloody Valentine

2. Jonathan Richman: “I’m Alright with You” – The Pastels

3. Television Personalities: “Love’s Going out of Fashion” – Biff Bang Pow

4. The Beatles: “Hometown Unicorn” – Super Furry Animals

5. Buddy Holly: “Almost Prayed” – Weather Prophets

6. Television/Richard Hell: “Ballad of the Band” – Felt

7. Big Star: “Star Sign” – Teenage Fanclub

8. Buzzcocks: “Find the Answer With In” – Boo Radleys

9. Pink Floyd: “Vegetable Man”- The Mary Chain

10. Postcard/Orange Juice: “It Happens” – Primal Scream

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Phil is also playing some shows this autumn. You can catch him live at:
3 Oct – Big Pink Cake, Mother’s Ruin, Bristol
6 Nov – La Pequeña Bety, Madrid
21 Nov – Parliament Club, London
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