Creation Playlist #2 – Sonic Cathedral’s Guide to Creation Records

Sonic Cathedral's Guide to Creation Records

For the last 5 years, Sonic Cathedral has released some of the finest records of the decade alongside running one of London’s best nights out. Massively influenced by Creation Records, we asked Nat Cramp the man behind Sonic Cathedral to come up with a playlist of his favourite Creation moments.

1. Vegetable Man – The Jesus And Mary Chain
2. I’ll Follow You Down – Slaughter Joe
3. Don’t Slip Up – Meat Whiplash
4. The Final Resting Place Of The Ark – Felt
5. Slow – My Bloody Valentine
6. Christine – The House Of Love
7. Everso – The Telescopes
8. Catch The Breeze – Slowdive
9. Lazy Day – The Boo Radleys
10. OX4 – Ride

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