News – The Times & Teenage Filmstars albums reissued

Cherry Red are to re-issue six albums by The Times and Teenage Filmstars. Both are to be released as 3 albums in 2cd sets. Out on 24th August the sets feature the following albums:
The Times – E For Edward / Pure / Et Dieu Crea La Femm
Teenage Filmstars – Rocket Charm / Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness/ Bring Back The Cartel

The press release and tracklisting for both sets reads as follows:

E For Edward / Pure / Et Dieu Crea La Femme
The Times : E For Edward / Pure / Et Dieu Crea La Femme
Released on 24/08/09. Three albums excavated in their entirety documenting the closing act of the Nineteen Eighties, the dawn of a new Pop Ascension and the Fall Out that ensued. Definitive period pop music leaving behind the Gothy-Table Set murkiness of the Black Decade, announcing the Swinging Acid House about to erupt, with songs like Manchester almost accurately predicting the “Madchester” mass hysteria that was to follow. These albums signalled the beginning of a new prolific song writing/recording period for Edward Ball and the Times on Creation Records at a time when True Independent Pop was never more celebrated.

Disc 1
E for edward (1989).- Manchester / Valvaline / Snow / Catherine Wheel / Crashed On You / Count To Five / All Your Life / French Film Bleurred / No Love On Haight St. / Acid Angel Of Ecstasy / Sold / Life / bonus tracks – manchester 5:32 (12” version. Previously unavailable on cd) / Lundi Bleu (German Vocal Version) / True Faith (Previously Unreleased) / London Fields (Previously Unreleased) / Dada Won’t Buy Me A Bauhaus (‘Manchester’ 12”Extra Track. Previously Unavailable On Cd) Love And Truth / (‘Manchester’ 7” b side. Previously Unavailable On Cd.

Disc 2
Pure (1991) – From Chelsea Green To Brighton Beach / A Girl Called Mersey / From l.A. To Edgbaston / Lundi Bleu / A Beautiful Village Called England / Ours Is A Wonderlove World / Another Star In Heaven Et Dieu Crea La Femme (1990) – Septieme Ciel / Aurore Boreale / Confiance / Chagrin D’amour / Volupte / Baisers Voles / Pour Kylie / Sucette / 1990 Annee Erotique / Ecstase

Rocket Charm / Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness/ Bring Back The Cartel
Teenage Filmstars : Rocket Charm / Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness/ Bring Back The Cartel
Picture the scene. Creation Records 1993. Edward Ball, a mild-mannered Creation Company man by day, psychedelic, acid-pop shaman running amok in the recording studio by night. This is unmapped territory where only My Bloody Valentine dared to tread. The Filmstars dare to go even further; music that widens the horizon, broadens the perception and alters the way we listen to sound. But never forgetting the tune!

Edward Ball’s cause was to subjugate the genre, confronting its followers with even darker, more foreboding soundscapes coupled with simple blessed melodies. The Teenage Filmstars may be the only artist since MBV to fulfil that criteria. In later years, as Ball developed his solo persona (Mill Hill Self Hate Club, Love Is Blue, etc) he returned once more to vent this suppressed spleen with Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness (1997).

Disc 1
Rocket Charms (1993) -Pressure / Tension / Frantic / Bad Thoughts / Lapse / Alone / Lost / Broken / Dark / Nothing / Bonus Tracks – Time For A Change (Previously Unreleased) / Deviant Angels (Previously Unreleased) / Forceshields (Previously Unreleased) / A Hero*In Music (From Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness) / Islamic Disco (From Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness

Disc 2
Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness (1997) – Physical Graffiti / English Martyrs / Guruprophecy / Feeding The Bluejays / Designa Socialist / Carnaby Smooth / A Clockwork Banana / H.U.M. / You Mystify Me / Jeepers Creepers / Bring Back The Cartel (1999) – Richard Scott Was Ok / Whatever Happened To Richard Boon / Debbie Sazer Don’t Erase Her / We’re In A Meeting / Ballad Of Claude Bessy / Did Geoff Travis Really Look Like Art Garfunkel? / Don’t Blink It’s Mike Hinc! / Scott Piering Wears An Earring / The Unpublishable Pete Walmsley / How Pink Was Pinko Fowler / We’re Useless But We Mean It / Sorry, But We Seem To Have Misplaced 50,000 Of Your Records.

You can buy both sets from the Cherry Red website.