The Gates to Creation (or is that from Gates to Creation)?

Formed in 1984 by a British Rail store man and a pensions clerk, Creation Records have grown into one of the most successful companies of recent times.

Alan McGee and Dick Green's vision of creating 'the greatest record company in the world' started above a pub in London's Tottenham Court Road from where they ran their weekly 'Living Room' club putting on those bands that in their words 'couldn't get gigs anywhere else'.

Their frustration at the lack of record companies releasing music that they wanted to listen to led to them getting a 1,000 pound bank loan to start the fledgling Creation.

With initial releases being sleeved by hand and selling minimal copies it wasn't until the release of the 'Upside Down' single by Scottish band The Jesus and Mary Chain, which sold 50,000 copies, that Creation Records backed up their creative vision with commercial success.

Always at the cutting edge of contemporary music Creation Records went on to have success throughout the eighties and early nineties with artists such as Primal Scream, Ride, Teenage Fanclub, My Bloody Valentine and The Boo Radleys before signing their most successful act to date, Oasis, whose two albums have so far sold in excess of 20 million copies worldwide.

1996 sees Creation Records with a turnover of 34 million pounds a year, a significant share of the U.K. music market and a healthy crop of new artists such as Super Furry Animals, Three Colours Red, The Diggers and 18 Wheeler ready to continue the rich legacy of the company.

Welcome to Creation records On-Line

Welcome to Creation Records On-Line - home to the best in UK music. Oasis, Super Furry Animals, Edward Ball, St Etienne, Toaster, Ivor Cutler. They are all here with photographs, audio samples, new, reviews and all the information you could desire. Enjoy.