Loz Colbert of Ride

Interview with Loz Colbert of Ride

Lawrence Colbert was the drummer in Ride, one of Creation’s most successful bands. We caught up with him, to ask about his days on the label and why it was important to sign to Creation.

Ride became very successful within a short period of time, did you have any idea what was going to happen from the early rehearsals?

No I can honestly say that great as it felt I didn’t think we’d make it until we were old men

You were offered deals by other labels, was it important to sign to Creation over all of the other independents/majors of the time?

It was important as many of the bands we respected were on Creation and it was mainly that roster and the artwork that made it feel like a good home for what we did

Tell us about the first time you met Alan and the first time you visited the infamous Creation offices.

The first time I met Alan was at the support for the Soup Dragons when he came to see us and essentially sign us. A record company dinner then was some chips and a pint and I was suitably impressed! He was the only one who was really going out on a limb to sign us up and was very passionate about the whole thing and one of the most enthusiastic people I’d met in terms of music.

The first time I went to the Creation offices it was that bizare concoction as you know of walking through a “Hothouse” of immigrants making shoes or something (a-la labour exploitation images ),..through to what felt like the nerve centre or “commmand HQ” of a war on the charts and the industry as a whole! It was like fighting the ruskies from a bunker somehwere. Everyone was very much on edge (surprise surprise !) and you felt part of something exciting.

It reminds me of those James Bond films when they go out to a hidden warehouse and you see all the troops training, blowing things up & experimenting with weapons, etc and preparing for (whatever they are preparing for) “Now pay attention,Loz,”…..

Who were/are your favourite Creation artists?

My all time favourites were The Jesus & Mary Chain- as the reason for getting into noise and sex and wanting to be in a band. After hearing them I formed my own band with a pal from school, a chainsaw and some drums (Mo Tucker style!) I still play My Bloody Valentine every now and again-mainly “Loveless”. It was mainly Mark & Andy who introduced me to The House of Love and My Bloody Valentine respectively

Slough festival, any particular memories?

Hot sunny day, my girlfriend had some whizz hidden in her bra, a German girl inviting me for Tea and a very appreciative crowd

If you had to recommend a Ride record to someone, which one would you suggest to buy first?

Well it would probably be Nowhere/Going Blank Again

What’s your fondest memory of that era?

Playing live in all kinds of different scenarios from sweat dripping off the walls & ceiling and blood on the drums/guitars to playing at the Albert Hall with a choir and strings for backing …meeting John Peel before playing Reading festival for the first time (mustv’e been 19..?) & the response to our music in Japan…

How did your relationship with Creation end?

Fairly well,…

Are you pleased Creation has ended or would you have liked it to continue?

Only sad that it ended because I liked the attitude of the label, maybe the sequel will have Arnold Swarzenegger playing Alan McGee….?

Do all the members of Ride still stay in touch?

Yep ……..I send them hate mail on a regular basis! (just kidding)

What are your/The Animalhouse’s plans for the future?

Lots of exciting things……

Interview: June 2001