Interview with Alex Lowe of Hurricane #1

On the eve of releasing his second solo album, ex lead singer of Hurricane#1, Alex Lowe talks to us exclusively about his days on Creation, his new album and that TV advert which finished the band.

If we can start at the beginning, did you play in many bands prior to joining Hurricane#1?

I played in a lot of bands, usually the same people but with different names Ha! Ha! I started playing when I was 14.

When did you first meet Andy (Bell, now of Oasis) and Alan (McGee)?

I met Andy in May 96 I think, it was at the audition at Sanctuary Studios in London, I was well nervous but confident. And I didn’t meet Alan McGee until a few months after, I know it seemed ages before he showed his face!

Were you surprised by the intial rush of success with your first single ‘Step Into My World’?

I didn’t expect that sort of success at all, we thought it would end up going to 60 in the charts or something, but when I think back now there was a big buzz going on at the time.

Andy (Bell) recently said to me he felt the Creation marketing team went into overdrive after the success of the single and ruined everything, do you agree?

Definitely!! I agree They did put a lot of promotion into the band. “But was it the right promotion”? I have my doubts now!!

Do you think the press were harsh for the backlash involved from The Sun using a Hurricane#1 track for their advert.

The Sun! Where I come from in Scotland, a paper is a paper to us up in Scotland!! Big fucking deal was made out of nothing You don`t have to buy the Sun to Like The Song!!! I just didn’t understand about the Politics involved People like the NME are trying to be all cool the only bands they ever get into are the ones that are still on the dole and doing nothing They all say we sold out I didn’t sell out I was told to do it If Anyone sold out it would have to have been Andy He Wrote the song!! and that isn’t a stab at Andy cause we all made money and at the end of the day you need to eat. and it wasn`t up to us to tell Andy what to do with his song.

Were you a Ride fan before joining Hurricane#1?

Ride Fan! No not at all, never listened to any of their stuff.

What about any other Creation bands?

I love TEENAGE FANCLUB. I think they are a band that could go away for 10 years and come back and still fill a place. My favourite Creation band by far.

Have you seen Andy playing Oasis yet?

No I haven`t seen Andy Playing with them at all they maybe wouldn`t want me there!!

Do you think their new album will help them recapture their glory days?

I hope they can but it will take a bit of doing getting back to their glory days.

The press made much about the bust-ups between you and Liam Gallagher. Were these stories true or again made up by the Creation marketing team?

The first time I met Liam we fell out, that was when we met at Ronnie Scotts. The guy thought I called him a c*nt in a bad way but the press made a big thing out of it, big deal it`s the way I speak, “Alright ye cu*t how are ye doing” sort of thing, you know? He took it personal. I thought because he is from Manchester he would have got the slang, I guess not!!

Do you still keep in touch with the other guys from Hurricane?

I speak to the other guys a few times a month.

You were supposed to be the first artist to sign to Poptones, what happened?

Poptones wasn`t the type of road I wanted to go down. Alan wanted weird stuff, I wanted Indie/Commercial stuff.

Do you prefer being a solo artist to playing in a band?

I do prefer to be a solo artist, I have my own session players, I have my own Record Company I have signed a distribution deal with Shellshock distribution. I do everything myself. I have a guy called Mike Hill who does my website stuff and Artwork for the releases, the guy is amazing!! A lot of people thought I was wasting my time (“Oh, he will never do that!”) sort of shit! They are only friends when your in the charts or giving them money. I know my real friends now some people I new when I was with Hurricane#1 has turned into right f*ck wits, sad really!

Tell us about the new album, where did you record it?

I think the Album is great. I would though!! Ha! Ha! No it is a great album. I recorded it in a studio called RSD in Turriff just outside Aberdeen with producer friend “Steve Ransome.” I have worked with him since i was 17. The new album has everything on there, epic in parts acoustic, jazzy celtic, you name it. I will be releasing my first single in October, I hope! titled ‘Sleepless Standing In The Rain” so fingers crossed. I recorded the album in May and took 9 days.

Any future plans?

I am going on an acoustic tour of the UK and then on to the East Coast USA the tour starts in October 17 in Portsmouth ‘EDGE OF THE WEDGE” acoustic type venue.

Finally, do you have a message for the kids today?

My message to the kids, get out and buy “Boys United Never die Young” on the 27th August. You may end up liking it!!! and to say thanks to everyone that has supported me after Hurricane#1 Cheers!! Guys you know who you are!

Interview: August 2001

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