Dick Green

Interview with Dick Green

Throughout Creation’s 17 years, Dick Green worked alongside Alan McGee developing the label. These days he runs the excellent Wichita Recordings label and rarely gives interviews. We caught up with him and he told us how he became involved with the others to start the label, a typical day in the Wichita offices and what his high points of Creation were:

You worked with Alan and Joe when you launched the first Creation single in 1983, how did you all meet?

To cut a long story short……………………. I lived in Boston in Lincolnshire , my best friend Ken Popple moved to London and answered a Melody Maker ad for drummer wanted, the band was Laughing Apple, with Alan and Andrew Innes, I used to blag my way in to rehearsals and mess about with them, Andrew got ill, I joined the Laughing Apple, we did a few gigs, put out a dubious single, toured with Eyeless In Gaza in Scotland, Alan’s bass was nicked, crashed our van, and decided Laughing Apple was an ill fated adventure, I kept in touch with Alan as we had become firm friends, and we started a new group , Biff Bang Pow, Alan met Joe via The TV Personalities and Rough Trade and they became partners in crime, Creation grew from that ………….

Did you have any music industry experience before that?


What was the high point of Creation for you?

For me? Several, working with My Bloody Valentine (equally hi and low points), Boos at number 1! Primal Scream gigs! Knebworth! Working with Alan. It was a rollercoaster !!

Do you still keep in touch with Joe and what is he up to these days?

Havent seen him for a long while, he worked at Poptones for a bit, not sure now.

Do you ever listen to any of the old Creation Records, and what were your favourites on the label?

Yes , MBV, Primals, Boos, Arnold, Trashmonk, and occasionally i just delve in and rediscover something I havent listened to for ages……….18 Wheeler’s Year Zero LP has some magic moments for me, Swervies, listened to a Slowdive record the other day after I heard some electronica label was releasing a covers album!?!?!

It’s been quoted that you kept Creation going through the mid 90’s when Alan was ill, did you enjoy the challenge and do you think it sowed the seeds for you to set up Wichita?

I managed to pull a team together and keep it together but was in constant touch with Alan, and only really doing what i had been doing anyway, I dont think it sowed the seeds… nearly put me off for life more like…..

Were you upset when Creation came to an end?


You set up Wichita Records, how does that compare after Creation?

Completely different, just two of us, working from home, its probably harder work, but you dont have to deal with all the crap of running a big office and all the personnel problems and ego clashes…..on the other hand sometimes its a bit lonely!!!

You’ve got quite a selection of artists on the label, are there any releases you’d recommend for someone new to Wichita?

I can only recommend them all as they are all released on a heartfelt basis…. but to get the full breadth of our taste so far try, Bright Eyes, Wauvenfold, Brave Captain, Her Space Holiday……………. or the Ruby remix lp….. I dont know….. etc, etc…

The offices at Creation were famous for some pretty mad parties, what are the offices at Wichita like? What’s a typical day like?

ha ha ha ha ha!! erm… answer emails, glue phone to ear, take a break, walk the dog, answer more emails ………………..

Poptones had so much expectation from the public that Alan would deliver another Creation and Oasis immediately. Did you feel any pressure to deliver with Wichita?

No we kept under cover, crept up quietly, I never wanted publicity, but Alan always used it to great effect, but there is always the downside of being a media figure, that you become a target and are constantly watched.

What plans have you got for the future with the label?

Hopefully to be able to keep going and putting out records we love, but it is very hard financially.

Alan tells me you’re putting a Creaton Box Set together, what can you tell us about that at present and when is it likely to be released?

I was asked a while ago by Sony but then got caught up in Wichita and havent heard from them for a while

What label will it be released on and will it include anything by My Bloody Valentine this time?!?!?!?

……….good question…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interview: 2002