David Cavanagh RIP

I’m really sad to state that journalist and author David Cavanagh has died, most of you will be familiar with his book on Creation Records.

‘My Magpie Eyes are Hungry for the Prize’ was released within months of the label closing down in 2000 and gave a great document of the label’s history.

Whilst dismissed by some as “an accountant’s tale”, for most fans (including myself) it was a real joy to be able to read about bands such as Slowdive without vitriol and sarcasm which they’d faced from the music press in their latter years. After the success of Oasis it seemed like the history of the label had been rewritten so for him to treat all the bands with respect was so refreshing.

Personally reading David’s book reminded me just how fantastic all the bands from the first decade of the label were prior to the Sony deal, with little on the internet at that time it inspired me enough to launch this website. Reading the tributes to him on social media today it’s the Creation book that most are referencing as his best piece of work.

David recently published his book on John Peel whilst continuing to work as a journalist for the likes of Q and Uncut.