The return of Rev-Ola records

Dana Gillespie

Back in 2016 we reported that Joe Foster after a lengthy legal battle had got the use of the Rev-Ola name again after several years.

Finally Rev-Ola is releasing its first album since the break. Released on 30th November the album is a compilation of Dana Gillespie’s recordings from ’68/’69.

The press release states:

An all but ubiquitous figure in the colourful and crazy backstory of the nonstop London folk / psych / glam / theatrical demi-mondes, Dana Gillespie is forever both a challenging artiste and a legendary beauty.

Her two1968-69 Decca / London Records albums, Foolish Seasons and Box of Surprises, are classics of their kind, wherein she totally masters and slightly twists the ‘swinging’ pop-cultural mix around her, and looks forward to her forays into theatre / glam / post rock, spiritual music, and her beloved blues… like the soundtrack to a hell of a movie which *should* have been made… had there only been talent and courage enough to make it!

From Northern Soul / Freakbeat- like dancers, to swinging London anthems, to quirky, oddly theatrical story songs, to folk blues, perhaps this collection is all the movie we need! Both her marvellous 68-69 Decca / London LPs on one CD! Wonderfully remastered and packaged in best RevOla style!

Order the Dana Gillespie’s London Social Degree here