Listen to Martin St John talk about his Primal Scream days

Primal Scream

Following the release of his book ‘The Psychedelic Confessions Of A Primal Screamer’ Martin St John recently appeared on Radio Six International talking about his time with the band.

During the interview by John Cavanagh he discusses bands such as Pink Floyd, The Cramps and The Seeds alongside delving into archives from his time in Primal Scream. There’s stories about Splash One, hanging out with Robert Plant and Showaddywaddy whilst attempting to record Sonic Flower Groove with original producer Stephen Street and the downsides of getting a record deal.

This show is well worth of an hour of anyones time and comes highly recommended. In case you still don’t have a copy, you really should can order the book here.

During the interview, when the subject of leaving Primal Scream is mentioned I couldn’t help but be reminded of Will Caruthers’ brilliant book that was also released recently, in the book he talks about his time in Spacemen 3 & Spiritualized and the divide within the band between songwriters and musicians. Definitely another book that’s well worth reading.