Watch The Cassette Played Poptones Documentary

The Cassette Played Poptones
Following the closure of Creation in 2000, Alan McGee quickly launched his Poptones label which he ran until 2007.

Below is a promotional documentary made by Poptones in 2005 and streamed via their website.

McGee had also been managing The Libertines whom were hugely influential with a whole host of bands emerging in their wake, there was also a large scene following them in London and many of those bands signed to Poptones.

The label was run alongside the Death Disco nights which hosted many of the bands of the time, similar to the early Creation days of The Living Room.

Whilst quality of the video above isn’t great, apologies, this was hosted on the Poptones website before YouTube was widely available so was streamed using Windows Media Player or Realplayer when some people still had dial-up at the home.