Trainspotting turns 20


The anniversaries seem to keep coming at the moment, this week also sees the Danny Boyle film Trainspotting mark its 20th anniversary.

The film was released at the end of February 1996 and immediately catapulted the cast into the spotlight. After the battle of Britpop in 1995 British music seemed unstoppable with Oasis sitting in the US top 10 singles and album charts and now cinema goers across the globe were to experience a soundtrack by some of the biggest British names of the time including Blur, Pulp, Underworld, Leftfield and Creation’s finest Primal Scream.

The film was a long way from the theme of Britpop though, there were no scenes filmed in Camden’s Good Mixer, this was a film about heroin addiction based in Edinburgh but filmed in Glasgow.

Watch the trailer below.

The films impact on popular culture could be seen the following year when a bunch of celebrities got together to record a dreadful cover of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day, a song about heroin that came to mainstream prominence in the film and shot to number one in the charts.

The clip from the film can be seen below.

A follow-up to Trainspotting is currently planned, set 9 years after the original film, Danny Boyle had to wait this long as he wanted the original actors to have aged aged visibly and the natural vanity of actors made it a long wait.

Trainspotting soundtracks

Primal Scream’s contribution to the main soundtrack appeared the following year on their Vanishing Point album, whilst their other contribution was the previously available remix of Come Together taken from Screamadelica. Both can be heard below.