Joe Foster claims back use of Rev-Ola name


For the last 4-5 years Joe Foster has been unable to issue any new releases on his Rev-Ola Label. The label was launched in the 90’s as a subsidary of Creation Records specialising in reissues of rarities such as Ivor Cutler, The Times and A Certain Ratio.

After a legal battle for the last few years, Joe has now won back the name Rev-Ola. He states the following in a press release:

You may have heard that we, RevOla, the reissue arm of Creation as was, recently retrieved via a judgement in the Copyright Court our trademark, which had been illegally taken and used by Cherry Red Ltd….please note (we) have no connection with this company, nor they with us….their illegal use of our trademark is now at an end. Further litigation goes forward as we reserve all rights.

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If you wanted to know more about the early days of Rev-Ola, the old archive website from 1997 features a section on the label.

If you like social media, you can keep up to date by following Joe on his Facebook page here.