Listen to unheard My Bloody Valentine interview from 1992

My Bloody Valentine

A previously unheard interview with Kevin Shields during My Bloody Valentine’s 1992 European ‘Loveless’ tour has been uploaded to YouTube.

During the interview he discusses the amount of time it took to record Loveless and states quite clearly that the time spent on the album is not unusual for other bands, naming The House of Love as an example. He also challenges the story of the £250,000 recordings costs stating Alan McGee told the press this when “we didn’t”.

He also discusses such events as the Gulf War, the 1992 UK General Election, major record labels, sampling, Andrew Weatherall and using a tent in the studio when recording Loveless. Shields also confirms the band had left Creation Records by now.

The interview was recorded on May 4th 1992 in Rennes by Armageddon Fanzine. I can only guess this was recorded backstage at the band’s Salle de la Cité gig on the date due to some background noise, however you can still hear the interview clearly.

My Bloody Valentine fans will enjoy this…