Simon Scott releases new album Insomni

Simon Scott - Insomni
Simon Scott of Slowdive has just released his forth solo album via Ash International.

‘Insomni’ is Simon’s first solo release since Slowdive reunited and follows the 2012 album ‘Below Sea Level.’

The album is a single piece of music, the tracklisting is as follows:
0.00 An Angel From The Sea Kissed Me
6.59 Holme Posts
9.00 Confusion In Her Eyes
15.12 Relapse
16.42 Oaks Grow Strong
21.47 Ternal
22.36 Nettle Bed
25.40 Fen Drove
28.06 Nember
31.46 Far From The Tree
37.30 Swanbark

Listen to the opening 6 minutes and 59 seconds below.

The album is available to order now with two additional exclusive tracks when ordered from Touch Shop.