Watch Adorable at the 1993 Glastonbury Festival

Last year I uploaded a clip to the YouTube channel that I dug out of Adorable at Glastonbury and was prompted today to post it here after reading a new interview.

Step On Magazine posted the new interview with Pete and Rob from Adorable this morning and you should definitely have a read if you’ve any interest in the band.

In the interview they reveal there are definitely no plans for an Adorable reunion, Pete speaks quite openly about his time within the band.

Adorable wasn’t really the Rock n’ Roll dream for me – that part of the music industry has never really interested me. I could probably have done with taking a few more drugs to loosen up, as I was quite naturally wired at the time – the band was an obsession for me and was my drug of choice. It ended up being quite all-consuming. It took me sometime after the event to realize it wasn’t really a happy time in my life – exciting yes, but not happy.

Below is the video which also includes an interview with Paul King at the Glastonbury 1993 festival mixed in with clips of the band playing. This was originally shown on MTV with highlights of that years event.

You can read the full interview with Pete and Rob at Step On magazine here.