20 years of Teenage Fanclub’s ‘Grand Prix’

Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix

‘Grand Prix’ turned 20 this week, it is without a doubt Teenage Fanclub’s greatest achievement in their lengthy career.

During the summer of 1995 Creation was on the home straight, during this period they would sign the last great band to the label with Super Furry Animals and prepare to release the biggest album of the decade by Oasis. Whilst many would have presumed Teenage Fanclub were unlikely to surpass their 1991 longplayer ‘Bandwagonesque’ on May 29th they proved any doubters wrong.

The album has featured in many music magazines ‘best albums of all time’ lists. I could write a post about how great the album was, but it’d never be as good as this blog post over here which you really should read.

Instead I shall let the music do the talking, below is a playlist of the full album including some promo videos and live tracks.

For those who want a reminder of the band playing live during this period, below is a set from 1995.

The Cabbage
About You
Mellow Doubt
Star Sign
Don’t Look Back
Sparky’s Dream
I’ll Make It Clear
The Concept

Teenage Fanclub supported Foo Fighters this week in Manchester and Dave Grohl spoke during his set about how Nirvana would watch Teenage Fanclub and wish they could be as good as them. See the video below.

Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix