Oasis reunion rumours go into overdrive

Oasis logo

Six years after they split, it seems there may be some hope for Oasis fans of a reunion.

Liam Gallagher has been teasing his followers this week whilst he’s been following his brother round the UK on tour.

On Saturday Liam posted the following photo.

Last Tuesday when Noel was playing the O2 Arena in London, Liam also posted the following:

The night before Noel was playing Manchester at the Phones 4U Arena and Liam posted a similar Tweet.

Noel Gallagher is currently on tour promoting his new album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ until July when he headlines the Latitude Festival. What happens after that, who knows?

The big question will more than likely be which line-up of the band will reform? With Andy Bell now busy with Ride it seems he is out of the equation if it was to happen….

In other Oasis news, it seems a live album of the bands 1996 Knebworth gig may finally be on the cards. In an interview with German magazine Event last month Noel stated “We decided that 2016 would be a good moment to do so, since Knebworth was the highlight of our career. We think that the 20th would make a good occasion to reflect on that, or to tell the history of Oasis – and then leave it at that. So far there’s going to be a documentary and a live album.”

You can watch one of the nights below.