Watch Glasgow – The Outsiders documentary

Glasgow - The Outsiders

Last year I mentioned a Channel 4 documentary about the Glasgow DIY scene of the early to mid-80s and The Splash One night that ran in the city from 85-86. The documentary is now online for you to watch below.

Glasgow The Outsiders gives a great insight into the Pre-Creation days of Postcard Records and later the impact the Mary Chain had on the scene when they became successful. This is a must watch.

Featuring interviews with Stephen Pastel, Duglas T Stewart, Sean Dickson (The Soup Dragons), The Vaselines, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade).

Splash One ran monthly on a Sunday night from June ’85 to June ’86, some of the gigs they hosted were:
16th June 1985: The Loft and The Submarines
30th June 1985: Big Flame and The MacKenzies
14th July 1985: Primal Scream and The Soup Dragons
25th August 1985: The Pastels and The Shop Assistants
1st September 1985: The Weather Prophets
22nd September 1985: The June Brides and The Soup Dragons
20th October 1985: The Shop Assistants, BMX Bandits and The Famous Monsters
22nd December 1985: Wire
13th April 1986: 23 Skidoo
18th May 1986: Sonic Youth
1st June 1986: The Weather Prophets and The Bodines
15th June 1986: The Pastels and The BMX Bandits

A selection of posters from the night are below.

Glasgow Splash One

Featured in the documentary is some footage from the Splash One nights, the full uncut footage can also be seen on YouTube. You may recognise a few fresh faces having a dance.