Exterminator by Primal Scream turns 15


January 31st 2000, Creation Records released its final album. Exterminator by Primal Scream (or XTMNTR by PRML SCRM) was to be the perfect ending after a few turbulent years for the label following the deal with Sony and the huge success of the 90s.

The Primal’s were re-energised for their 1997 ‘Vanishing Point’ album with new member Mani from The Stone Roses, but things had moved up another level with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine now also temporarily joining their line-up.

My Bloody Valentine had been in hibernation since 1992 and rumours were circulating as no one had a clue what had happened to them, was Kevin Shields’ really living like a hermit with his house full of sandbags? Then in 1998 Shields remixed Primal Scream’s ‘If They Move Kill ‘Em’ single creating the mind blowing ‘MBV Arkestra’, following the single he was now helping them in the studio and also part of the live band.

To give the album more depth there was guest appearances from New Order’s Bernard Sumner, Marco Nelson, Brendan Lynch and The Chemical Brothers. Whereas ‘Vanishing Point’ was experimenting with dub and krautrock, ‘Exterminator’ was loud and angry whilst maintaining the same level of experimentation.

Primal Scream - Accelerator

No major label would touch an album like Exterminator these days, the world has changed since 9/11. But then no major label would want to go into partnership with a label like Creation these days, they had opinions and knew what they wanted to do, the majors don’t like that as they just want to own and control everything.

‘Swastika Eyes’ had already been a single the previous year and Creation would release two more tracks from the album before closing it’s doors for the final time in September 2000.

The last ever release on the label was ‘Accelerator’, it was the perfect ending…

Watch Primal Scream live at The Astoria in London on the Exterminator tour below.