Should Spacemen 3 have signed with Creation?

Alan McGee TV Interview 1989

Back in 1988 before recording their legendary ‘Playing With Fire’ album, Spacemen 3 were offered a one-album deal with Creation Records which they sadly chose to pass on.

Had it been a year later things could of been different as Creation broke through shortly afterwards with My Bloody Valentine and The House of Love whilst Spacemen 3 went and released their final two albums on Fire.

Alan McGee was clearly a massive Spacemen 3 fan and maybe with his enthusiasm they would have continued if they’d signed to Creation, Will Carruthers from the band was later asked about this.

“The rumours are true. I wish we had done it, although there isn’t much point in wishing for the past. I’m not sure if anybody could have kept the band together, but I believe we would have stood more of a chance if Alan had been involved and we had signed to Creation. Ah well, can’t win em all.”

Later Alan McGee briefly managed Sonic Boom but Jason Pierce went his own way and formed Spiritualized and Spacemen 3 were no more. However as we’ve seen lately many bands can get it back together so maybe we’ll see Spacemen 3 again one day.

Below is a video of Alan McGee interviewing the band back in those days.

Spacemen 3 fans will be pleased to know Sonic Boom has recently produced the new Panda Bear album out on Monday 12th January 2015. You can order a copy of the album here.

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