The Laughing Apple singles found at Rough Trade

The Laughing Apple - Participate

For all you Creation collectors out there, now is a rare chance to get a mint condition copy of a single from Alan McGee and Andrew Innes’ pre-Creation band The Laughing Apple.

A box of the singles have been recently unearthed at Rough Trade and they’ve put them on the website for you to buy sadly all copies have now been sold.

‘Participate’ was the second of three singles released by The Laughing Apple and is regularly considered to be their best, sounding very much like a Mod classic and showing early signs of the direction McGee was to take with Biff Bang Pow! The single was released in 1981 on their own Autonomy label and featuring a sleeve designed by Bobby Gillespie.

The b-side of ‘Participate’ was later released on a flexi disc with The Pastels which was a given away with The Legend’s ’73 in 83′, the first ever release on Creation Records.

The Laughing Apple were born from McGee and Innes’ previous band Newspeak who you can read about on the For Malcontents Only blog. An excerpt is below.


Listen to the single below.