Beady Eye split, are Oasis or Ride about to reform?


Liam Gallagher this afternoon announced via Twitter that Beady Eye, his post Oasis group with fellow Creation label-mates Andy Bell (Ride) and Gem Archer (Heavy Stereo), have split after two albums.

An hour later, the news was also confirmed by Andy Bell.

Almost immediately there were loads of tweets asking the same questions, is there going to be an Oasis reunion or are Ride about to reform?

Given Noel Gallagher this week announced a new album and tour it seems unlikely he’ll have time to join his old band even if relationships have been mended. Far more tweets seemed to speculate that after 20 years maybe Ride will finally give it another shot.

With the success of the Slowdive reunion where they’ve played to audiences of up to 25,000 people a night over the summer at festivals, followed by a sell out tour of the US (they play New York tonight), a Ride reunion must now seem less of a surprise.

Mark Gardener played a Sonic Cathedral show in July with Andy Bell in attendence, highlighting that the pair are now on good terms (see photo below).

Mark Gardener and Andy Bell, London, 07/07/14

A photo posted by Sonic Cathedral (@soniccathedral) on Jul 7, 2014 at 11:55pm PDT

Whatever the outcome of today’s news, I’m sure an announcement will be made soon enough…

Below are Ride and Oasis on late night early 90’s TV show ‘The Word’.