The June Brides to play The Living Room

The Junes Brides

The June Brides are to return to the home of Alan McGee’s old Living Room club above the Adams Arms pub (now known as The Lukin) down Conway Street in London.

The gig is part of a Kickstarter campaign to publish a book about the C86 scene, the birth of indie between 1983 and 1986.

The book is being written by Neil Taylor who witnessed and wrote about many of the bands and key moments of the period – he was there when the records came out, when the riots took place, and co-compiled the legendary NME tape C86 which codified the music and 28 years later remains a powerful cultural icon. For every one of those 28 years he have wanted to write in depth about those times and bands – almost all of whom Neil interviewed for the NME.

One of the rewards for pledging for the campign is a ticket to ‘A Night at The Living Room’. This is an invitation to the launch party for the book to be held in the upstairs room of (what was) the Adams Arms pub in London, the venue of the legendary club. There will be a pop-up exhibition of Paul Groovie’s historic photographs of the venue, prints of which will be for sale. Thanks to extraordinary generosity on their part, The June Brides will play an impromptu short acoustic set to celebrate the evening and recreate a moment of music history. Fanzine, badges, goodies to commemorate the night, some free some for sale. To say strictly limited is stretching the point… Given the historic importance of Paul’s work it would be nice to have a short run for the exhibition but we need to see if we can entice an act for a second night if people are interested.

Only 50 tickets are available for the night and you can pledge via the Kickstarter page here.